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OKRs AT THE CENTER - How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organization you want!

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OKRs AT THE CENTER (Fundamentals)

Changing the way you work with goals through OKRs has the potential to create new ways of working that increase focus, strengthen alignment, and create faster learning cycles throughout the organization. 

Join us for a live online training to learn about our approach to individual OKR Systems design and practice how to drive ongoing change in your organization!

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OKRs AT THE CENTER - Our vision

Through our services and resources, we strive to proactively and sustainably contribute to new ways of working to drive the necessary change in organizations as a whole with OKRs to among others achieve focus, alignment and value-creation.

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18 November 2020

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1st December 2020

German version

1st December 2020

English version

What others are saying about our services ...


Agile Coach


Value for our organization

An OKR implementation does not work with a one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks to Sonja we now have a customized OKR System that we can continuously improve based on our needs. Especially showing us our maturity around the definition of Objectives and Key Results helped us to tremendously increase the value our OKR Systems bring to our organization.


Agile organizational developer

Tremendous practical experience

We got introduced to OKRs at an international company. To actually understand the concept, we decided to organize a 2-day workshop for our Agile Coaches. And that was well worth it. Sonja and Natalija do not only have textbook knowledge about OKRs, but tremendous practical experience. You could feel that in every comment made - that was really impressive. We as Agile Coaches left the two days full of inspiration. Now we will start to form a team around shared goals!


Managing Partner 

readycheck Consulting

Great dynamic with the group

Very focused and goal-oriented coaches with lots of "real-life" experience, great dynamic with the group and they allow enough space for individual questions!

Awesome clients we worked with

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