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To get the most out of OKRs, dedicated OKR Coaches are the best way to sustainably improve your OKR System and support teams along the way to get the most out of working with OKRs.

Join us for the updated hands-on OKR Coach Curriculum to build internal competencies and take your OKR implementation to the next level!


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15 November 2023

How to (not) implement OKRs!
Virtual Meetup for OKR practitioners


13 December  2023

End of year Community event
Virtual Meetup for OKR practitioners


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OKRs AT THE CENTER - How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organization you want!

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Changing the way you work with goals through OKRs has the potential to create new ways of working that increase focus, strengthen alignment, and create faster learning cycles throughout the organization. 

Join us for a live online training to learn about our approach to individual OKR Systems design and practice how to drive ongoing change in your organization or become an OKR Coach or Process Owner!

OKRs AT THE CENTER - Our vision

Through our services and resources, we strive to proactively and sustainably contribute to new ways of working to drive the necessary change in organizations as a whole with OKRs to among others achieve focus, alignment and value-creation.

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Head People Development, Learning and Culture
REWE Digital GmbH

Double added value

Natalija offers added value in two ways: highest professional expertise and a trained eye for open fields of action.
Among all the providers, she is the most professional and trustworthy partner for implementing and improving an OKR setting in your company!


Agile organizational developer

Tremendous practical experience

We got introduced to OKRs at an international company. To actually understand the concept, we decided to organize a 2-day workshop for our Agile Coaches. And that was well worth it. Natalija does not only have textbook knowledge about OKRs, but tremendous practical experience. You could feel that in every comment made - that was really impressive. We as Agile Coaches left the two days full of inspiration. Now we will start to form a team around shared goals!


General Manager, Chief Digital Officer

ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH

Right decision!

The introduction of the OKR methodology at ADLON was an important step that the ADLON team decided to take together. The creation of the basis for this decision and the introduction into really crucial parts of the company was only possible with the excellent support of Natalija Hellesoe. We are really very happy about our decision to shape this path with her and are convinced that her integration in the design of ADLON will continue to be extremely valuable in the future.

Awesome clients we worked with

and many more in logistics, IT and retail ...

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OKR Remote Coaching and Consulting
Remote OKR Meetup
OKRs AT THE CENTER Live online training

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