Our vision and the people behind it

Many companies today are using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to improve the way they set and work with goals.

During their journey, they often discover something else: improving the way you work with goals naturally leads to making other changes.

Changes in how you plan work. Changes in how you make decisions. Changes in how you reward people. Changes in how you budget. Changes in how you lead people or people lead themselves. 

Once you start intentionally pursuing goal-setting in a new way, you will discover that goals live at the center of everything you do. Where this journey leads is the most exciting part.

Changing how you work with goals has the potential to drive ongoing change and bring new ways of working to the whole organization.


Goals live at the center of everything you do!

This is what OKRs AT THE CENTER is about: how goals live at the center of your organizational system and how you can leverage their potential for organizational development by adopting OKRs in an intentional way. 

Through our services and resources, we strive to proactively and sustainably contribute to new ways of working, drive the necessary change in organizations as a whole with OKRs to among others achieve focus, alignment and value-creation.

We’ve created an ecosystem supported by a dynamic,  collaborative platform where interested people inside and outside of companies can explore the possibilities of developing organizations with OKRs through trainings, workshops, remote services, e-learning, meetups and other events, share their own experience and learn from ours and each other.

You can think of OKRs AT THE CENTER as a living experiment, where we walk our talk by applying our learnings and tools to our own collaborations, working with partners and customers to learn step by step how to redefine our current ways of working.

We hope you join us for this journey into new ways of working throughout YOUR organization!

The people behind OKRs AT THE CENTER

Natalija Hellesoe

Founder, Trainer & Coach

Natalija Hellesoe

Natalija is a trainer, coach, and chance taker.
She supports companies wanting to increase focus, autonomy, and value creation to identify and prioritize their challenges and get started.

Natalija has been working within People Development and Transformation since 2010 before starting her own business offering an entire ecosystem of training and coaching focusing on Leadership & Responsibility, Agile HR, Remote Collaboration and Learning.


Her work is shaped by living in and working with many different countries, cultures, and customers and changing perspectives to redefine what is possible.

In 2020 she founded okrs-at-the-center.com to create a collaborative platform, in which OKR practitioners inside and outside of companies can explore the possibilities of developing organisations with OKRs.

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OKRs AT THE CENTER - How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organization you want!

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