How to use goals to drive ongoing change in your organization

Companies today are using OKRs—Objectives and Key Results—to improve the way they set and work with goals.

Along the way, they discover something else: changing the way you work with goals can lead to other changes. 

Changes in how you plan work, how you lead and reward people, how you make decisions, how you budget, and so much more. In short, if you really, sincerely start pursuing goal- setting in a new way, you will discover that goals live at the center of everything you do. 

What’s exciting about this is where it leads: Changing how you work with goals has the potential to drive ongoing change and bring new ways of working to the whole organization.

That’s what this book is about: how goals live at the center of your organizational system and how you can leverage their potential for organizational development by adopting OKRs in an intentional way. This short, practical book includes case studies, examples, and practical guidance to help you get started on your own OKR journey.

This book is a great explanation of how to set and deploy OKRs to improve your business. Whereas other books paint a rosy picture of best-case scenario for setting and deploying OKRs, this one focuses on reality. Many companies will see themselves in this book and be able to harness the practical advice in the book to fix their current scenarios and thrive. Highly recommended for every business that's trying to find focus and define impact.

Melissa Perri, author "Escaping The Build Trap"

Looking for the templates mentioned in the book?

Check out our resources for OKR practitioners with templates, guides and other tools to drive ongoing change in your organization with OKRs.

About the authors

Natalija Hellesoe

Trainer & Coach

Natalija Hellesoe

Natalija is a trainer, coach and chance-taker. She is keen on exploring new ways of working, living and learning and always striving to inspire people to redefine what is possible.

Natalija has been working within People Development and Transformation teams  (e.g. at Philips, HolidayCheck) since 2010 before starting her own business. Her work is shaped by living in and working with many different countries, cultures, and customers. She supports companies wanting to increase focus, autonomy, and value creation. She offers an entire ecosystem of training and coaching, focusing on Leadership & Responsibility, (Remote) Collaboration and Learning.

Together with Sonja, Natalija works with organizations at different stages of their OKR journey - from first "Know-how" workshops to OKR Practitioner coaching and organizational development.

Consultant & Trainer

Sonja Mewes

Sonja is a consultant and trainer for agile strategy concepts and OKRs at Beautiful Future. She has over fifteen years of traditional management experiences in the digital industry (e.g. Gruner+Jahr Digital, Spryker Systems) and is recognized a strong relevance for new ways in more meaningful working environments.

She fell in love with OKR as a powerful tool for impact. Today she mainly accompanies organizations, teams and leaders in the agency and software industry during their implementation and development of individual OKR designs.

Together with Natalija, Sonja co-hosts two monthly OKR Remote meetups (German and international) to discuss the potentials of OKR and other innovative ways of working with an inspiring community.

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