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Many companies today are using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to improve the way they set and work with goals. Originating in silicon valley in the 1970s, OKRs have spread all across the globe and helped many organizations to improve focus, alignment or value-creation.

Want to know more about the OKRs? Here are 3 short videos that explain the concept, the iterative cycle and the relation to the organizational system:

The concept
of OKRs

The iterative
OKR cycle

OKRs as part of the
organizational system 

Want to dive deeper into the concept, understand how it could drive ongoing change in your organization and what it takes to get started in your team?

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Here you will not just learn about OKRs as a concept, but learn how to intentionally use it to achieve your goals and adapt it to your organization or team!

OKR Foundations+ Content Overview

To learn more about the potentials and challenges of this concept and how it could drive ongoing change in your organization, select one of the items below to get started:

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in a nutshell
OKR Definition Workshop Guide

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