OKRs AT THE CENTER (Fundamentals)

Live Online Training

Changing the way you work with goals through OKRs has the potential to create new ways of working that increase focus, strengthen alignment, and create faster learning cycles throughout the organization.

Join us for a live online training to learn about our approach to individual OKR Systems design and practice how to drive ongoing change in your organization! 

Join us for this exclusive live and interactive online experience to

  • Understand Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as a concept with its challenges and benefits
  • Reflect on your own team or organization and understand what can be different with OKRs in terms of focus, value-creation or autonomy
  • Learn about different OKR System designs and how to shape your individual way of working with OKR
  • Understand the iterative OKR Cycle and its elements
  • Create ideas on how to integrate OKR practices into your daily business

OKR Foundation - Live Online Trainings Modules


Introduction and productive training mode (90 min)

  • Getting to know each other
  • Challenges and principles of remote collaboration  and joint remote training etiquette
  • Practical introduction to all used remote tools and tech check
  • Introduction to modules 2 and 3

Duration: 90 minutes


OKR Foundations and individual OKR System Design (180 min)

  • Why work with OKRs - Challenges and benefits
  • OKR as a concept - Basics

  • Case Study - OKR variations
  • OKR implementation in your organization
  • How to individually design your OKR System
  • Q&A

Duration: 180 minutes


OKR Cycle and integration into daily business (180 min)

  • The OKR Cycle for continuous improvement
  • Deep-dives: Good practices and tools for OKR Set Definition Workshop, Check-Ins and Reflection
  • How to integrate OKR practices into your daily business
  • Q&A and next steps

Duration: 180 minutes


Individual OKR Consulting session (45 min)

  • Your next steps and open questions

Duration: 45 minutes

This workshop is for:

  • Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and other change agents in the organization who (want to) use OKRs and learn more about how to drive ongoing change with OKRs and integrate them into daily business
  • Executives, people managers or organizational developers who would like to learn more about Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and take away new impulses for further development of focus, value creation and autonomy in their organizations
  • All people new to Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) wishing to learn how to design an individual way of working with them based on what they are trying to achieve

The experience you will have:

To lay a great foundation for excellent remote collaboration and ensure stress-free and high-quality learning 

  • we only work with small groups of participants to ensure high levels of interaction
  • we start your OKR journey with a short module to get into a productive working mode
  • we always facilitate with two roles (content facilitator and technical producer)
  • we use tools which allow great collaboration like the ones below (access provided by us, no extra licenses needed)

Online session prerequisites

  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • Smartphone

What you will receive as well:

  • Slide deck and link to co collaboration boards
  • Templates to drive ongoing change in your organization
  • Real-life examples and mutual exchange with other participants
  • Introduction to the (remote) OKR practitioner community
  • Certification of Attendance

Why this training?

These days, we often hear people talk about “transformation” at their companies. But how can you actually get moving and create good and sustainable momentum for ongoing changes in your organization?

Goals are embedded in the organizational system - they live at the center of everything you do. Therefore, changing the way you work with goals through concepts like OKRs has the potential to inspire  new ways of working in the whole organization. Higher focus, alignment, transparency, and measurability for all employees at every level  are often the first realized benefits. Higher value-creation, self-responsibility and  becoming a learning organization are other potentials that can be unlocked through OKRs.

Yet many companies working with OKRs fall short of their expectation because there is no one way to work with them. Differently designed OKR Systems can lead to a variety of benefits, one cycle at a time, based on your starting point and what kind of organization you want to create in the future!

This training lays the foundation to understand OKRs as a concept and leverage their potential for organizational development by adopting OKRs in an intentional way.

Next available dates

Join us for this interactive live online experience:

  • 22nd - 25th June (German) - SOLD OUT 
  • 26th June - 3rd July (English) - SOLD OUT 
  • 26th - 23rd July (German) - SOLD OUT
  • contact us, if you are interested in getting waitlisted

What others are saying about our services ...


Agile Coach


Value for our organization

An OKR implementation does not work with a one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks to Sonja we now have a customized OKR System that we can continuously improve based on our needs. Especially showing us our maturity around the definition of Objectives and Key Results helped us to tremendously increase the value our OKR Systems bring to our organization.


Agile organizational developer

Tremendous practical experience

We got introduced to OKRs at an international company. To actually understand the concept, we decided to organize a 2-day workshop for our Agile Coaches. And that was well worth it. Sonja and Natalija do not only have textbook knowledge about OKRs, but tremendous practical experience. You could feel that in every comment made - that was really impressive. We as Agile Coaches left the two days full of inspiration. Now we will start to form a team around shared goals!


Managing Partner 

readycheck Consulting

Great dynamic with the group

Very focused and goal-oriented coaches with lots of "real-life" experience, great dynamic with the group and they allow enough space for individual questions!

Reserve your seat on one of the next live training sessions

OKR Fundamentals - Live Online Training Modules - Cohort 22nd - 25th June (German)

  • 22nd June 2020 - Module 1: Introduction and productive training mode (9.30-11.00 am CET) 
  • 24th June 2020 - Module 2: OKR Foundations and individual OKR System Design (10.00-13.00 am CET)
  • 25th June 2020 - Module 3: OKR Cycle and integration into daily business (10.00-13.00 am CET)

OKR Fundamentals - Live Online Training Modules - Cohort 26th June - 3rd July (English)

  • 26th June 2020 - Module 1: Introduction and productive training mode (4.00-5.30 pm CET) 
  • 2nd July 2020 - Module 2: OKR Foundations and individual OKR System Design (4.00-7.00 pm CET)
  • 3rd July  2020 - Module 3: OKR Cycle and integration into daily business (4.00-7.00 pm CET)

OKR Fundamentals - Live Online Training Modules - Cohort 20th - 23rd July (German)

  • 20th July 2020 - Module 1: Introduction and productive training mode (9.30-11.00 am CET) 
  • 22nd July 2020 - Module 2: OKR Foundations and individual OKR System Design (10.00-13.00 am CET)
  • 23rd July  2020 - Module 3: OKR Cycle and integration into daily business (10.00-13.00 am CET)

What's next?

Depending on your individual situation, we offer different follow-up opportunities, to further support you on your OKR journey:

OKR Expert training
OKR Remote Coaching and Consulting
Remote OKR Meetup
Our book
is out now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pay by invoice?

Yes, that is possible. Please write an email to
hello@okrs-at-the-center.com to request that.

Is it possible to get a refund for the training?

Yes, refunds are possible until 7 days prior to the training in case you cannot participate. After that refunds are no longer available.

Will the training definitely happen?

Due to the possibility to refund your ticket up to 7 days before the training, the training can only be confirmed by then. In case less than 4 participants have signed up for the training, it would be cancelled. If that happens, we will find individual solutions with new dates or other formats that suit your needs and reach out to you directly to discuss options.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, you can transfer the ticket to another person within your company. Please inform us via Email at hello@okrs-at-the-center.com before doing that. The remote consulting offer will then also be transferred to the person actually participating in the workshop.

How long is the remote consulting offer valid?

The offer to schedule a 45 minute call for individual remote consulting after your training is valid for 8 weeks. After that, the offer will expire without any financial compensation.

Our book is out now!

OKRs AT THE CENTER - How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organization you want!

Get your copy fresh off the press today!

About your trainers

Natalija Hellesoe

Trainer & Coach

Natalija Hellesoe

Natalija is a trainer, coach and chance-taker. She is keen on exploring new ways of working, living and learning and always striving to inspire people to redefine what is possible.

Natalija has been working within People Development and Transformation teams  (e.g. at Philips, HolidayCheck) since 2010 before starting her own business. Her work is shaped by living in and working with many different countries, cultures, and customers. She supports companies wanting to increase focus, autonomy, and value creation. She offers an entire ecosystem of training and coaching, focusing on Leadership & Responsibility, (Remote) Collaboration and Learning.

Together with Sonja, Natalija works with organizations at different stages of their OKR journey - from first "Know-how" workshops to OKR Practitioner coaching and organizational development.

Consultant & Trainer

Sonja Mewes

Sonja is a consultant and trainer for agile strategy concepts and OKRs at Beautiful Future. She has over fifteen years of traditional management experiences in the digital industry (e.g. Gruner+Jahr Digital, Spryker Systems) and is recognized a strong relevance for new ways in more meaningful working environments.

She fell in love with OKR as a powerful tool for impact. Today she mainly accompanies organizations, teams and leaders in the agency and software industry during their implementation and development of individual OKR designs.

Together with Natalija, Sonja co-hosts two monthly OKR Remote meetups (German and international) to discuss the potentials of OKR and other innovative ways of working with an inspiring community.