OKR Expert Training

Interactive live online or on-site training to drive change in your organization 

Many companies today are using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to improve the way they set and work with goals. Originating in silicon valley in the 1970s, OKRs have spread across the globe and helped many organizations to improve focus, alignment and  value-creation.

During this OKR Expert training, we will explore the many ways that OKRs can be shaped to meet your organizational needs.  

As with any framework, there is no “one way” or “right way” of using OKRs, only certain guidelines that have proven to work.  Your organization’s individual starting point and what you are trying to achieve with them at a particular moment in time will largely determine what approach makes sense for you. 

To learn more about the potentials and challenges of this concept and how it can drive ongoing change in your organization, join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about how OKRs can work for you! 

After this training you will be able to ...

... coach managers and colleagues around OKR implementation and improvement to foster focus, alignment or value-creation

... enable organizational processes to get started with OKRs and efficiently use guidelines and templates to further improve

... challenge existing ways of working and how to use OKRs to drive ongoing change and organizational learning 

Content overview  


OKR Fundamentals and OKR Expert roles & responsibilities

  • Understand Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as a concept with its challenges and benefits
  • Reflect on your own team or organization and understand what can be different with OKRs in terms of focus, value-creation or autonomy
  • Practice different OKR System designs in a case study and learn how to shape your individual way of working with OKRs
  • Understand possible roles and responsibilities of OKR Experts
  • Create ideas which OKR Expert roles can support your OKR implementation


Implementing OKRs and facilitating the OKR Cycle

  • Learn about necessary steps to implement OKRs at your company
  • Understand the iterative OKR Cycle and how to drive ongoing change with OKRs
  • Deep-dive: OKR Definition Workshop good practices and facilitation
  • Deep-dive: OKR Check-In good practices and facilitation
  • Deep-dive: OKR Reflection good practices and facilitation
  • Deep-dive: Integration of OKR practices into the daily business of your teams
  • Q&A and next steps


Individual OKR Consulting session (45 min)

  • Your next steps and open questions

Duration: 45 minutes

This workshop is for:

  • Executives, people or product managers and similar roles striving to implement new ways of working to achieve higher focus, alignment or value-creation

  • Managers, agile coaches and other change agents in the organization who (want to) implement OKRs and wish for a systemic approach to leverage even more potential of OKRs 
  • CEOs, COOs or people responsible for organizational development like Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters or HR 

What you will receive as well:

  • 45 min Remote OKR Consulting session after the training for your individual questions and next steps
  • Slide decks and exercises to use in your organization
  • Templates for OKR related processes
  • OKR Expert Role Canvas
  • Introduction to the (remote) OKR practitioner community
  • Certification of Attendance

OKR Expert training - available options:


2-day on-site training (inhouse or open)

  • Two days filled with input, good practices and practical exercises
  • including a 45 min remote OKR Consulting session for your individual follow-up
  • Tailored to your situation and needs

Inhouse training

Open trainings

Currently no dates available


Modular live online training

  • Become an OKR Expert from your (home) office
  • 2 trainers to ensure high interaction rate and learning quality

  • including a 45 min remote OKR Consulting session for your individual follow-up

Inhouse training

Open trainings

New dates coming soon!


OKR Expert Journey - Blended learning

  •  The best mix of e-learning, live online trainings, on-site options, remote workshops and more
  • Coming soon!

Interested to know more?

Open trainings

Currently no dates available

What others are saying about our services ...


Head People Development, Learning and Culture
REWE Digital GmbH

Double added value

Natalija offers added value in two ways: highest professional expertise and a trained eye for open fields of action.
Among all the providers, she is the most professional and trustworthy partner for implementing and improving an OKR setting in your company!


Agile organizational developer

Tremendous practical experience

We got introduced to OKRs at an international company. To actually understand the concept, we decided to organize a 2-day workshop for our Agile Coaches. And that was well worth it. Natalija does not only have textbook knowledge about OKRs, but tremendous practical experience. You could feel that in every comment made - that was really impressive. We as Agile Coaches left the two days full of inspiration. Now we will start to form a team around shared goals!


General Manager, Chief Digital Officer

ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH

Right decision!

The introduction of the OKR methodology at ADLON was an important step that the ADLON team decided to take together. The creation of the basis for this decision and the introduction into really crucial parts of the company was only possible with the excellent support of Natalija Hellesoe. We are really very happy about our decision to shape this path with her and are convinced that her integration in the design of ADLON will continue to be extremely valuable in the future.

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