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Mastering OKRs is not a sprint! When you work as an OKR Coach or have implemented OKRs in your team, continuously improving the quality of your OKR Sets, the process and the communication around OKRs can be a challenge - and many benefits are often missed along the way.

To support you on this endeavour and help you to get the most out of working with OKRs, I created the "Bi-Weekly inspiration for OKR Coaches"!

Every week, you will receive short and sweet inspiration for your OKR practice and coaching like...
... good practices for OKR events with examples for facilitation
... helpful questions to guide teams
... templates, guides, canvases and other material
... inspiration how to deal with the interdependencies of OKRs with other organizational elements (like leadership or HR processes)
... curated articles from the OKR community

The goal is to give you small inspirations that you can immediately transfer into your OKR practice!

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